Day's YA Pick: Where Darkness Blooms

Jul 12, 2023

Wednesday Books
Ages 12-18

E-galley available on Edelweiss and NetGalley

In the town of Bishop, the sunflowers see everything and the land lives off of blood.

Two years ago on a stormy night, three women disappeared. And as Bishop is known for its missing women and mysterious deaths, they were paid no attention. But their daughters Bo, Delilah, Jude, and Whitney are convinced that there is more to the disappearance of their mothers, even though the case is technically closed. Now, the four girls are left alone in the dusty house where they once lived all together as one family with their mothers. They rely on one another to get by—Bo with her tenacity, Delilah with her brains, Whitney with her beauty, and Jude with her gentleness. But with each of their strengths also comes their lies. Delilah feels physical pain each time her boyfriend touches her, Whitney hears her dead ex-girlfriend’s voice speaking to her in the wind, Jude is hiding her former fling with Delilah’s boyfriend, and Bo is on a search for answers. But what the four find out about the secrets and history of men in their town will become fatal. Piece by piece they uncover the truth of how the land lives, the group of men that are behind the inexplicable disappearances and deaths of the women in Bishop, and how every man they have ever trusted and have been hurt by is out to get their blood. 

This supernatural thriller set in a town full of secrets and hungry for blood shows the true power of sisterhood with a cast of fierce yet vulnerable characters. WHERE DARKNESS BLOOMS is Courtney Summers meets Shea Ernshaw and is guaranteed to grip readers right away with its harrowing and hopeful story. With a generational curse, found family, and determined women subverting the patriarchy, Andrea Hannah has written an adventure that will leave you thinking about these four girls long after turning the final page. 

Happy reading!
<3 Samantha


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